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Terms and conditions of website use

This website is run by Cariplo Factory S.r.l., hereinafter referred to as “Site Owner” on behalf of Cariplo Factory and Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, supporters of the Trace initiative.

Anyone accessing or using this website accepts unreservedly to be bound by the conditions detailed here.

Anyone who does not accept these conditions or who does not intend to be bound by them may not access, use or download material from this website.

The Site Owner reserves the right to update or amend the present terms and conditions of use of the website at any time, without any obligation to issue prior warning. In the case of amendments to the conditions, access to the website implies agreement to comply with the conditions as per the amendments.

All users of this site must exercise caution and prudence when accessing and using the site and must read carefully the following terms and conditions.


Copyright and Applicable Law – Copyright protection for website content

The content of this website, including all information, data, communications, text files, editorial content, drawings, graphics, images and photographs, videos, databases, software and all other audiovisual material of any description present here, is the property of Cariplo Factory S.r.l. and of the respective supporting entities of the Trace initiative, unless otherwise indicated1, and is protected under law.

All content published or featured on the present website, including its selection and organisation as well as the layout and design of the website, is protected by Privacy law (Leg. Decree 30/6/2003, no. 196), by Copyright law (Law 22/4/1941, no. 633, as amended by Leg. Decree 29/12/1992 no. 518, on the legal Protection of software, and subsequent amendments) and by the other national and international laws relating to the protection of intellectual or industrial property, and their amendments and integrations.

Cariplo Factory S.r.l. authorises the viewing, copying, downloading and printing of the files available on the present website for exclusively personal use only and forbids modification or dissemination or distribution to third parties.

Limited authorisation of the use of the content and files of the website (for the aforementioned purposes) is explicitly tied to the acknowledgement, compliance and protection on the part of the User of every note regarding Copyright, registered trademark or other protection right regarding website content.

Cariplo Factory S.r.l. does not relinquish any right to any website content downloaded and used by the User2.

The user is prohibited from recording, storing, copying, reproducing, or even partially modifying the content in any way and by any means (electronic, mechanical, telematic, computer), except in the case of specific prior authorisation in writing from the Site Owner.

In the case that prior written authorisation to reproduce is granted, the user is in any case required to cite its source. The information relating to copyright and trademarks, as well as other information relating to property, in relation to Cariplo Factory S.r.l. files available on the site may not be removed.

This authorisation does not extend to files and/or material belonging to other content providers which may appear on the present site as a result of links.

The reproduction, copying or redistribution for commercial purposes of material or elements of the design of the present website is strictly prohibited in the absence of express written authorisation from Cariplo Factory S.r.l.


Trademark Protection

Trademarks and all other distinguishing features indicated and used on the present site are under the exclusive ownership of Cariplo Factory S.r.l. or of the respective supporting entities of the Trace initiative. Any use these trademarks or features without written prior authorisation is prohibited.


Ownership of rights

The present website is under the ownership and exclusive jurisdiction of Cariplo Factory S.r.l. and allocation of the name and internet domain has been formally obtained according to the methods and procedures in force at the time of the application.

The following are prohibited:

modification of the website or any of its content or means of access;

behaviour that constitutes a crime under the applicable laws (for example so-called cyber-crime such as the violation of computer accounts);

behaviour whose intent is to subdivide parts or sections of the present site and/or incorporate them into third party sites, to modify, copy, reproduce, republish, scrape, make public, broadcast or distribute the Content in any way, whether in part or in its entirety, including codes and software without the prior consent of Cariplo Factory S.r.l. in breach of the present conditions;

any attempt to access reserved areas of the website without the required credentials;

the upload of computer programmes, files and other materials containing destructive or disruptive features, such as viruses, manipulated files, “hidden” files (e.g. images with integrated audio files) capable of damaging the integrity or functionality or online communications of the website;

in general, any use that causes or may cause damage, interruption or restriction to this website or the services thereof;

the unauthorised collection, by means of the website, of personal information relating to third parties (for example email addresses).


Links with Other Websites

On the present website there may be links to other third party sites.

Use of links to other websites implies voluntarily leaving the site and being directed to web pages that do not constitute part of the present website.

Users who decide to access other connected websites by means of links on the present website accept responsibility for all risks associated with such a decision.

Cariplo Factory S.r.l. is not responsible for the content of any sites accessible by means of links which are not under its control.

With the exception of agreements with the third parties concerned, Cariplo Factory S.r.l. reserves the right to eliminate any link or linking programme at any time.

Any User who wishes to insert a link to the present website into their own homepage must apply for authorisation from Cariplo Factory S.r.l. by forwarding a written application to the email address Cariplo Factory S.r.l. reserves the right to evaluate the request and grant authorisation with absolute discretion.


Disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liability

The present site disseminates information at the discretion of the Site Owner. The Site Owner agrees to make every reasonable effort and lend the utmost attention to ensure that the information featured on this site is accurate and complete.

The material featured on the Site is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis and without warranties of any kind, express or implied.

The fact that a file is available on the site does not mean that the information it contains has not been modified or replaced by subsequent events or by a file published subsequently.

The representation of such information does not implicate or represent a warrantee of any kind to the users of the site. The information, images, illustrations are not binding and may alter without prior warning.

Cariplo Factory S.r.l. in its capacity as Site Owner, does not undertake responsibility for the information made available on this website, nor does it guarantee the accuracy or completeness of said information, or that the information is kept up-to-date. Nor does the Site Owner undertake responsibility for, or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of, the information available on this site by means of direct or indirect hypertextual links with other sites, or that the information available on such sites is up-to-date, correct and truthful, nor does it undertake any responsibility regarding any other links featured on them.

The Site Owner provides no warrantee that the information provided by means of such links, direct or indirect, does not violate third party rights, including – without any intent to restrict – intellectual property rights. The Site Owner does not undertake responsibility for any error or omission which may occur on a site connected by means of a link, created by the Owner or the provider of the contents of said site. The presence of a link to a site does not imply in any way, or constitute, endorsement, sponsorship, affiliation with or recommendation of such a provider.

For legal reasons we cannot and will not attempt to maintain control of information that our business partners or users provide us with and which are made available on this site. This site’s sole purpose is as a showcase. The Site Owner cannot be held responsible for the content of any page of another site made available by means of a hypertextual link. The Site Owner has no control over the quality, security or legitimacy of information provided by third parties. All parties other than the Site Owner providing information on or through this site are individually responsible for their own content as presented on the site or as presented in any way.

As the Site Owner is not in possession of specific knowledge of such web pages and has not reviewed their contents, the Site Owner advises the use of caution and prudence whenever using this site. The Site Owner reserves the right to effect changes or amendments to the information available on this site at any time and without prior warning.

The Site Owner is not liable for direct or indirect damages, including loss of profit, consequential damages or damage of any description, or viruses which may damage or infect the User’s computer or other property arising from access to or use of this website, and/or of information made available on this site.

If the website content results in the need for repairs, assistance or corrections to equipment or data, the costs of these will be charged to the User.

In the case of problems or difficulties arising from the use of another site accessible by means of a link, we kindly ask that the user directly contacts the owner of the site in question.



Cariplo Factory S.r.l cannot be held liable:

for events and/or damages to the user and/or third parties which may arise from the use of the present site and/or the Content thereof;

for any events and/or damages caused by action carried out as a result of prohibited behaviour on the part of the user or of third parties;

for problems incurred by the user as a result of interruptions, suspensions, delays or anomalies in the delivery of the service that depend on the electricity supply or telephone/internet services, or of other causes linked to the technical means used to broadcast the Content, that do not depend on Cariplo Factory S.r.l.

Despite its constant efforts to improve the services provided, Cariplo Factory S.r.l. cannot fully guarantee the accuracy or the current relevance of the Content of the website.


Applicable laws and regulations

Cariplo Factory S.r.l. reserves the right, at any time, with exclusive and incontestable discretion, with or without prior warning, to block access to this website or to eliminate any content created by the user.

Should one of the provisions in the present conditions of use be held invalid or inapplicable, such invalidity or inapplicability will have no effect whatsoever on the other provisions in the present conditions, which will remain fully applicable.

The present conditions of use of the website have been drawn up and interpreted in accordance with the applicable laws of the Italian State, with the express exclusion of the choice or application of any other governing law.

The user expressly accepts said legal choice, and any disputes arising from the use of this website and the application, interpretation and/or execution of the present conditions will be prosecuted according to Italian law.

The Court of Milan, Italy, shall have jurisdiction and sole responsibility for any disputes in any way relating to these conditions.


¹ We refer to material and projects presented in the area of initiatives and/or Contests supported by Cariplo Factory S.r.l. and which may be published on the Site, which remain under the ownership of the respective owners – Participants.

² It is important to clarify that the contents of the website remain subject to copyright. Any user who receives authorisation to download material from the website must be aware that they acquire no rights to it.